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 Who We Are
 Ted & Julie Trandahl
 Founders & Directors 
  World Ventures Unlimited

The mandate and high calling of our Lord Jesus in Matthew 28:19 to
"go and make disciples of all nations" has been our compelling and passionate pursuit of ministry for the past 30 years. We have witnessed the love, presence and power of the living Christ in tangible demonstrations all over the world. From individuals in remote villages to masses of crowds on campaign grounds, our holy ambition is to declare His glory among the nations!                                                        
                                                                     For the fame of His name,
                                                                           Ted & Julie Trandahl     

Ted & Julie Trandahl have ministered to countless people throughout the globe in many nations, proclaiming the name of Jesus and making disciples for His great name.

Rev. Ted Trandahl has promoted and preached the gospel of Christ in over 60 nations through conferences and mass evangelistic campaigns. His passion is for all people to see and love God through Jesus Christ and make disciples of all nations. An anointed leadership and conference speaker, Ted challenges listeners to live a life of integrity, repentance, and with a heart that pursues God.

Julie Trandahl has pursued her calling to preach the gospel and make disciples for nearly 30 years. Her message is one of encouragement, identity and freedom.  Reaching the next generation is one of her deepest passions. Her heart yearns for others to realize their potential and discover their God-given destiny. Her words flow from an anointing to inspire and challenge others to discover Christ as their treasure.

"Declare His glory among the nations,
His marvelous works among the peoples!"
​                                                  Psalm 96:3